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Pilates with Ball
Testimonials: Testimonials

Annie always straightens me out – literally! Not only is she a fantastic instructor, one who intuitively understands the mechanics of the human body, she is also really fun and a great person to be around. Thanks Annie for all the laughs and the great posture!

Brenda Deary

My back has never felt better than under Annie's care. I literally feel like I'm two inches taller after her mat classes. Her years of experience as a competitive athlete as well as a registered nurse make her an invaluable Pilates instructor.

Francine Atlee

Annie's Pilates classes will make you sweat and tone up. They are amazing! I've been a client for over 10 years and every class motivates me and keeps me in shape without risk of injury. Annie's medical background lends itself to all of her clientele. Her pilates studio is light and airy, a beautiful space to let go a focus on the flow of breathing and movement. Annie's mat classes and private Pilates sessions set the bar for the ultimate workout for both body and mind.

Liza Micheli

I've been doing Pilates with Annie for 13 years – mat and reformer. My posture and strength have significantly improved. I feel great doing all the outdoor activities I love!

Monica Fugit

I have been taking Pilates with Annie Kaplon for over 18 years! After my first few classes, I knew I was hooked. My posture had improved to the point that I needed to adjust my rear view mirror in my car and I began to feel my seat warmer on my upper back. Annie's classes are challenging, but you feel amazingly relaxed afterward. Her focus on proper technique allows you to walk away from class without the stress on muscles and joints like some other forms of exercise.

Patty Robers

Annie tells me that roll-ups can cure anything – and she's made me a believer! Not only have I become more flexible and improved my balance and gait, but I've also learned valuable mindfulness skills from her.

Emma Laine

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